7-1-5: LIGHTING:
It shall be unlawful and a nuisance for any person to permit or cause any outdoor luminary or lighting system to create excessive glare or light levels as to be dangerous to the public or result in annoyance or discomfort to the public or adjacent land uses. Such nuisances shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
   (A)   Flickering, flashing, blinking and rotating lights, except if such lights are part of a security system that shuts off automatically no longer than twenty (20) minutes after such system is activated.
   (B)   Lasers and searchlights.
   (C)   The illumination of any outdoor recreational areas, including, but not limited to, private tennis courts, sports fields and basketball courts, except for basketball courts that are located immediately adjacent to the principal residence and are illuminated by lighting attached to such residence.
   (D)   Outdoor luminaries or lighting systems that direct illumination or rays of light beyond any lot line. (Ord. 03-11, 5-19-2003)