No map or plat of any subdivision presented for record affecting any land within the corporate limits of the Village or any contiguous territory outside of and distant not more than one and one-half (11/2) miles from such corporate limits (except as said 11/2 miles distance may have been lessened by agreement with another municipality pursuant to 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-12-9 made to conform with 6-1-7(A), formerly Illinois Revised Statutes chapter 24, section 11-12-9) and not included in any city, village or unincorporated town, shall be entitled to record or shall be valid unless the subdivision shown thereon shall provide for streets, alleys, public ways, ways for public service facilities, storm and flood water run-off channels and basins, and public grounds, in conformity with the applicable requirements of the Village ordinances including the Official Map; provided, that a certificate of approval by the corporate authorities, certified by the Clerk of the Village, shall be sufficient evidence of compliance with this Section upon which the Recorder of Deeds may accept the plat for recording. (Ord. 93-5, 5-24-93)