(A)   During construction, the TPP shall be followed to prevent the destruction or damaging of heritage trees including unless otherwise authorized by the TPP, a fence erected and maintained so that no excess soil, additional fill, equipment, liquids, or construction debris shall be placed within the minimum root zone of any heritage tree, unless the addition of excess soil or fill is required in order to comply with the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance found in section 4-2-10 of this title.
   (B)   Until the issuance of the certificate of compliance, the area of the site included within a TPP shall not have other plantings or landscape additions that prevent as determined by the Building Officer the planting of the required replacement heritage trees.
   (C)   Heritage trees in a TPP that are removed or receive major damage as determined by the Building Officer in consultation with the Village Arborist shall be required to be replaced by heritage trees of equal dbh in the aggregate, in accordance with section 4-6-6 of this chapter, with those tree species identified in subsection 4-6-8(A), table A of this chapter. Replacement trees shall be acquired and planted in conformance with subsections 4-6-8(C), table C and (D), table D of this chapter. (Ord. 19-14, 7-22-2019)