A.   Issuance Of License: No person shall be deemed to be licensed until the license is issued in due form as provided by this Section, and no license shall authorize any person other than the licensee to conduct business thereunder.
   B.   Bond And Insurance Requirements: As a condition to the issuance of the license, the governing body may require the applicant to acquire a bond from a corporate surety, in an amount and from a bonding company suitable to the governing body, and may also require the applicant to acquire such insurance coverage as may be necessary to protect third persons. In every case where a bond or insurance is required, the same shall be approved by the governing body. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)
   C.   Signature On License: Every license shall be signed by the Mayor under the Municipal Seal. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982; amd. 1999 Code)
   D.   Term: No license shall be granted for a longer period than one year or for an amount less than the stipulated license fee. Unless otherwise provided by this Chapter or other ordinances of the Town pertaining thereto, each license shall expire on December 31 following the date of issuance, and shall be delinquent if not renewed before February 1 of the following year. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)