A.   Businesses To Be Licensed: Except as herein and otherwise provided and established by ordinance, any person operating or desiring to operate within the Town any merchandising establishment or any other establishment wherein, whereby or by means of which goods, wares, merchandise or services of any kind or nature whatsoever are, or is, dispensed or offered for sale to the public, or is sold, and any person who shall sell or offer for sale to the public any goods, wares, merchandise or any service of any kind or nature whatsoever, or who shall solicit or take orders for future delivery of the same, shall apply to the Town Council, or to such qualified officer of the Town as the Council may designate, for a license under which each such business may be conducted, and shall pay for the license a fee as provided in this Chapter. Establishments and operations of all such businesses shall be at all times subject to inspection by any legally authorized officer of the Town, or by a person  employed by the Town to make such inspections.
   B.   License Renewal: Every person licensed to conduct or engage as operator in any business in the Town shall, if such business or work is to be continued, promptly and voluntarily renew such license at the time of expiration in the office of the Town Clerk.
   C.   Failure To Obtain Or Renew License: Any person who shall operate, or engage in any business whatsoever within the Town, without obtaining a license for such operation as required, or after ten (10) days following the expiration of any license issued hereunder, shall be deemed a violator under the terms of this Section and shall be fined as hereinafter provided.
   D.   Register Of Licenses: The Town Clerk shall maintain a license register in which shall be entered the full name of each licensee, the address at which such business is conducted, the date of issuance, the purpose for which the license is issued, the amount paid therefor, the time such license will continue in force and, in every instance where bond is required, the amount of the bond furnished and the name of the bondsman. (Ord. 82-13, 10-19-1982)