A.   Subdivision Of Land Not In Conformity Prohibited: No person shall subdivide or plat any land that is within or partially within the town, nor shall any person be permitted to annex property to the town, except in complete conformity with the provisions set forth in this title.
   B.   Annexation Prohibited Unless In Conformity: Except for annexation action originated by the town council, no property may be annexed to the town until a petition for annexation and a plat describing the property to be annexed have been filed and approved in the manner prescribed in this title.
   C.   Transfer Or Sale Of Land In Violation: No person shall transfer, sell, agree to sell, or negotiate to sell any land by reference to or by the use of a plat of a subdivision before such plat has been approved and recorded in the manner prescribed in this title. The description of such lot by metes and bounds shall not exempt the transaction from the provisions of this title. Violation of this provision shall be a misdemeanor, and in addition to any other penalties of this provision, shall be fined as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code.
   D.   Building Permits Not To Be Issued: The town zoning and planning commission shall not issue building or repair permits for any structure on a lot in a subdivision for which a plat has not been approved and recorded, except the zoning and planning commission and town council may issue a building permit on a tract of land which is not in a subdivision, located inside the town.
   E.   Withholding Of Public Improvements: The town shall withhold all public improvements, including the maintenance of streets and the furnishing of sewerage and water service from all subdivisions, parcels, or tracts that have not been approved by the town council.
   F.   Water And Sewer Agreement Requirements: All petitions for annexation, subdividers, and persons who desire to replat property shall be required to have an executed water agreement with the Wardwell water and sewer district for service with the town prior to the annexation, subdivision or replat being approved by the council, or shall have made suitable arrangements with the town for water and sewer service.
   G.   Changes In Plat Prohibited: No changes, erasures, modifications, or revisions shall be made in any plat of a subdivision after approval by zoning and planning unless the plat is first resubmitted to zoning and planning for its consideration.
   H.   Subdivision Fees: Each application for a subdivision permit shall be accompanied by a minimum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per subdivision, or ten dollars ($10.00) per lot, with a maximum fee of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). (Ord. 2012-04, 7-17-2012)