There is hereby created a Zoning and Planning Commission, which shall consist of five (5) members, to be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Town Council. The Zoning and Planning Commission shall be referred to as "zoning and planning".
   A.   Composition, Appointment, Terms And Removal From Office, Vacancies, Rules, Secretary: The membership of the commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed annually all of whom shall reside in the Town. Any member of the commission may be removed from office for legal cause after a public hearing by the Town Council. If a vacancy occurs in the commission, the Town Council shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the unexpired term. The Town Clerk or a designee shall serve as Secretary of the commission.
   B.   Chairman: The Chairman of the commission shall be appointed as provided in subsection 1-6-3B1 of this Code. The Chairman shall appoint, from its own membership, a Vice Chairman who shall serve an annual term.
   C.   Meetings: Meetings of the commission shall be held the third Thursday of every month and at such other times as the Chairman may determine. For the conduct of any meeting, public hearing or the taking of any action, a quorum of three (3) members is required. An affirmative vote of the majority of the members present at the meeting is required to authorize any action of the commission. In the case of a tie vote, the matter shall be forwarded to the Town Council without a recommendation. The commission shall render decisions and forward such decisions to the Town Council. The commission shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the resulting vote of each action. All meetings, records and accounts of the commission shall be public.
   D.   Powers And Duties: The commission shall have the following powers and duties:
      1.   The commission shall conduct business in accordance with the rules of order as established in subsection 1-5-4H, "Rules Of Order", of this Code.
      2.   To hear and make recommendations on applications for conditional use permits, variances, zone changes and amendments to this title.
      3.   To prepare and amend the Town of Bar Nunn community development plan (land use plan) and certify the plan to the Council.
      4.   To make recommendations on land use planning decisions, such as subdivisions and annexations, etc.
      5.   To review building applications and approve building permits.
      6.   Any powers and duties granted by the Council as defined by Town ordinances and Wyoming State Statutes.
   E.   Compensation: Each member of the commission shall receive as compensation for his or her service a sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00) for actual attendance at the regular monthly commission meeting and any commission meeting submitted to and approved in advance by the Town Council, payable monthly. (Ord. 2018-05, 9-4-2018)