A.   For Occupied Land Within Two Hundred Feet Of Public Sewer: All occupied lots or parts of lots or land in the Town within two hundred feet (200') or less of a sewer main of the Town shall be connected by a sewer service line, in the manner as provided in this Chapter, and no privy vault or cesspool shall be maintained, kept or continued thereon. If the owner, tenant or occupant of property coming within the purview of this Section neglects or refuses to make such connection, the Town shall notify such owner, tenant or occupant to make or cause such connection to be made pursuant to subsection 6-2-4A of this Chapter.
   B.   Connections Made Before Paving Adjacent Streets: Before any street or alley is paved, the owners of all property abutting thereon where a sewer main is laid shall make sewer service line connections with such sewer main, whether the immediate use thereof is required or not. Until used, such connecting sewer service line shall be supplied with a proper cap or covering sufficient to prevent the escape of sewer gas.
   C.   Notice To Connect: Notice to connect to the sewer main shall be served upon the owner, tenant or occupant by certified mail to the address of the property appearing on the rolls of the County Assessor. The owner, tenant or occupant shall comply with the order of the Town within ninety (90) days after the date of service.
   D.   Appeal To Town Council: The owner, tenant or occupant may appeal a decision of any authorized agent of the Town to the Town Council within ten (10) days after the date of service of the notice. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990)