A.   Determine Delinquency: The Town shall determine if any user of its sewer and garbage utility services is delinquent for a period of thirty (30) days or more, and if a delinquency notice has been mailed to said utility user and the charges remain unpaid.
   B.   Notice Of Delinquency: In the event the account remains unpaid, the Town shall issue a notice to the utility user, on a form approved by the Town Council and posted on the front door or doors of the residence or building, stating that the Town will shut off all water and/or sewer services to the premises if the utility charges are not paid or adequate provision made for such payment within five (5) business days of the posting of said notice. (Ord. 88-07, 12-6-1988)
   C.   Shut Off Water And/Or Sewer Services:
      1.   In the event the utility account remains unpaid, the Town maintenance person shall be directed by the Mayor, or in the absence of the Mayor the Town Council President, to shut off the water and/or sewer services tap or taps to said premises.  Following said shut-off, the Town will notify Wardwell Water and Sewer District that the water should be shut off and the specific time, date, and location of such shut-off.
      2.   The Town shall be authorized to place sewer shut-off valves into and on the sewer lines of utility users who are delinquent, and to adopt a schedule of charges which may be adopted by ordinance of the Town Council, and amended from time to time, and said charges shall be reasonably related to the Town's cost of turning off water and/or sewer taps, turning said taps back on, and installing sewer shut-off valves. (Ord. 88-07, 12-6-1988; amd. 1999 Code)
   D.   Recover Costs:
      1.   Collect Fees And Costs: The Town shall be authorized to recover from a delinquent utility user before water and/or sewer service is restored, all applicable charges for delinquent sewer and garbage arrearages, all Town fees for the shutting off and turning on of water and/or sewer taps or valves, and the cost of installing any tap or valve required. The Town may further require that the utility user post a cash deposit to ensure the payment of future garbage and sewer bills.
      2.   File Lien: Further, any unpaid sewer or garbage bills, or fees charged by the Town for turning a water and/or sewer tap or valve on or off, or installing a tap or valve, shall be a lien against the real estate and may be enforced as such. (Ord. 88-07, 12-6-1988)