A.   Sewer Use Fees:
      1.   Establishment; Billing Procedures: Charges for use of the Town's sewer system shall be as set, from time to time, by the Town Council. A copy of the ordinance establishing such charges shall be maintained on file in the office of the Town Clerk where it shall be available for inspection by the public during the normal office hours of the Town Clerk. The billing and collection procedures may be established by the Town Clerk; provided, that such procedures are approved by the Town Council.
      2.   Deposit To Begin Using Sewer Utility: Upon application for water and sewer service, a new sewer user shall pay in advance a forty five dollar ($45.00) deposit.
      3.   Service Outside Town: The charge for sewer service delivered outside the Town shall be the same as the charge for service delivered within the Town, unless otherwise provided by the Town.
      4.   Metering Of Water From Private Sources: The Town may require that water obtained from a private well which enters the sanitary sewer system shall be metered or may otherwise determine the method to be used to establish the rate to be charged for sewer service.
      5.   Charges Included On Water Bill: Sewer charges may be included on the water bill.
      6.   Place Of Payment; Due Date: All charges for sewer services provided in this Title shall be due and payable at the office of the Town Clerk fifteen (15) days following bill date.
      7.   Liability Of Property Owners: The owner of every building, premises or lot or house shall be liable for all sewer services extended to his premises, which liability may be enforced by the Town by action at law to enforce payment. (Ord. 90-03, 11-27-1990; amd. 1999 Code)
   B.   Sewer Tap Fees: The following existing sewer tap fees shall be assessed against any individual or entity seeking a new connection to the sewer system of the Town:
Water Meter Size
Sewer Connection Charge
   3/4 inch
$    785.00
   1 inch
   11/2 inch
   2 inch
   3 inch
   4 inch
   6 inch
   8 inch
In addition to the previously stated fees, a five hundred dollar ($500.00) fee shall be collected by the Town Clerk from any individual or entity acquiring a new sewer connection to the Town's sewer system, which sum shall then be paid to the City of Casper under its existing arrangement with the Town; and that the previously stated tap fees, as well as the additional five hundred dollar ($500.00) assessment to be paid to the City of Casper, shall continue in full force and effect until modified by Town ordinance. (Ord. 97-01, 4-1-1997)