The Town shall review the total annual cost of operation and maintenance as well as each user's wastewater contribution percentage not less often than every two (2) years and will revise the system as necessary to assure equity of the service charge system established herein and to assure that sufficient funds are obtained to adequately operate and maintain the wastewater treatment works. The Town shall apply excess revenues collected from a class of users to the costs of operation and maintenance attributable to that class for the next year and adjust the rate accordingly. If a significant user, such as an industry, has completed in-plant modifications which would change that user's wastewater contribution percentage, the user can present, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the governing body, such factual information and the Town shall then determine if the user's wastewater contribution percentage is to be changed. The Town shall notify the user of its finding as soon as possible.
Each user will be notified, at least annually, in conjunction with a regular bill, of the rate and that portion of the user charges which are attributable to wastewater treatment services. (Ord. 89-05, 6-6-1989)