A.   Length And Width Limitations: No person shall drive or park any motor vehicle, or drive a motor vehicle combination or a motor vehicle towing a vehicle or trailer upon any streets or alleys located in the Town which:
      1.   Has a gross vehicle rating or a registered gross vehicle weight exceeding ten thousand (10,000) pounds; or
      2.   Any single vehicle or towed vehicle or trailer wider than eight feet (8') in width.
   B.   Exempted Streets: Such vehicles shall only be driven upon the following streets, as indicated, in the following areas:
      1.   From the intersection of Antelope Street and Salt Creek Highway north to the intersection of Antelope and Prairie; then east on Prairie to its intersection with the Salt Creek Highway.
      2.   From the intersection of the Salt Creek Highway and Sunset Boulevard, along Sunset Boulevard to the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Antelope.
      3.   All of Wardwell Industrial Avenue.
      4.   All of Badger Lane.
      5.   In those areas designated as business areas and in the industrial areas on the Town's District Map which shows the various zones or districts of the Town; except when such commercial vehicle, truck and trailer combination, truck-tractors, or semi-trailers are in the process of loading or unloading at the site or origin of the delivery of shipments.
   C.   Trucks Carrying Hazardous Materials: No person shall drive or park any vehicle, or trailer of any dimension, loaded with liquefied petroleum gas, explosives, live animals, gasoline or flammable liquids, on any street or alley in the Town except when the process of loading or unloading the previously stated items. (Ord. 94-03, 1-3-1995)