A.   Traps Permitted, Kind And Placement: No traps shall be used for the capture of a dog or cat by any person within the animal control district, other than humane live box traps owned, regulated and placed by the Metropolitan Animal Control Facility. Any individual may use live box traps to capture a dog or cat; subject however, to the condition that prior to such occurrence, the individual shall have the trap approved by the Metropolitan Animal Control Facility and otherwise uses the trap in accordance with all rules, regulations and procedures adopted and approved by the Metropolitan Animal Control Facility. Also, no traps shall be set when trap temperatures exceed ninety degrees Fahrenheit (90°F) or fall below thirty two degrees Fahrenheit (32°F).
   B.   Captured Animals: Captured animals must be turned over to the animal control shelter as soon as reasonably possible, or returned to the owner, if known.
   C.   Checking Traps: Traps must be checked every four (4) hours unless the traps are set in such a manner as to provide proper shelter once the dog or cat is confined.
   D.   Authority Of Officers:
      1.   Enter Property To Remove Trapped Animal: Animal control officers may go onto private property, exclusive of buildings, to remove a trapped animal which is not provided with proper shelter, food or water.
      2.   Placement Of Traps: The Metropolitan Animal Control Facility, or its designee, shall have sole discretion concerning the placement of an animal trap. (Ord. 99-04, 11-16-1999)