A.   Livestock And Fowl: No person shall keep any livestock or fowl, except for a maximum of six (6) laying chicken hens, within the town limits. (Ord. 2016-04, 9-6-2016)
   B.   Domesticated Animals At Large: It shall be unlawful for any domesticated animal to be free, without restraint, at large upon the streets, alleys, sidewalks, public grounds or private property, other than the private property owned or occupied by the owner of the domesticated animal. If a domesticated animal is "at large", as defined under the terms of this section, the owner shall be strictly liable for and punished as provided in subsection 4-1-17C of this chapter.
   C.   Animal Wastes:
      1.   Owner's Property: It shall be the responsibility of the owner of an authorized animal to keep his property free and clear of animal waste so as not to present a potential danger to the public health, as determined by the county health officer or his designee. If a determination is made that a situation exists which is potentially dangerous to the public health, a notice of ordinance violation may be issued, and upon conviction the owner shall be punished as provided in subsection 4-1-17C of this chapter.
      2.   Other's Property: The owner of a domesticated animal shall be responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by his animal on public walks, recreation areas or private property other than that of the owner.
   D.   Habitually Destructive Dogs To Be Destroyed: No owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance. Additionally, excessive, continuous or untimely barking, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles or bicycles, attacking other domestic animals, trespassing upon school grounds or trespassing upon private property shall be deemed a nuisance.
   E.   Animals In Motor Vehicles:
      1.   No person shall leave any animal unattended in the bed of a pickup truck in a public parking area unless the animal is restrained in such a manner as to prevent the animal from making physical contact with a pedestrian who is passing the truck in a place where that pedestrian is legally entitled to be.
      2.   It is considered cruel and therefore unlawful for a person to leave a domesticated animal unattended in a motor vehicle when the temperature is seventy degrees Fahrenheit (70°F) and above, unless, in the opinion of the officer, adequate ventilation and water is provided.
      3.   No person shall carry an animal in a motorized vehicle in a cruel or inhumane manner.
   F.   Accidents Injuring Animals: The driver of any motor vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to a domestic animal shall immediately stop and render such assistance as may be possible, and shall take reasonable steps to notify the owner of the injured animal and give notice of the accident to the local Police Department or animal control department. (Ord. 99-04, 11-16-1999)