A.   Dogs And Cats:
      1.   It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, harbor or have custody of any dog or cat over six (6) months of age, within the Town, unless such dog or cat is licensed in accordance with this Chapter. This requirement does not apply to dogs or cats whose owners are not residents, if such animals are not kept in Town any longer than thirty (30) days, and while in Town, such animals are kept under restraint; or to seeing eye dogs properly trained to assist blind persons or to properly trained hearing- ear dogs.
      2.   Dogs and cats must wear valid license tags at all times when off the premises of the owners. The owners of a dog or cat not previously declared "vicious", may have their dog or cat tattooed or have a microchip implanted; however, if one of the two (2) procedures is performed, the tattoo or microchip implant must be registered annually with the animal control facility. Having a dog or cat tattooed or microchipped does not relieve an owner from the obligation to have the said animals display a valid license tag. This does not apply to show animals during competition or to hunting dogs when actually engaged in hunting activities or in training for those activities.
      3.   Written application for licenses shall be made to the licensing authority (which may include the Town of Bar Nunn). The application shall include the name and address of the applicant, a description of the animal, a statement of the appropriate fee, and a certificate to be filled out by a veterinarian verifying that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies.
      4.   The licensing period is the same as set out in subsection B3 of this Section.
      5.   Upon acceptance of the license application and fee, the licensing authority shall issue a durable tag, stamped with an identifying number and the calendar year of issuance. If a person chooses to have his dog or cat bear a tattoo or microchip implant, that person shall register the tattoo or microchip implant annually with the animal control facility when purchasing a license for the dog or cat.
      6.   The licensing authority shall maintain a public record of the applications for all tags issued.
      7.   The license fees and costs shall be those established by Metropolitan Animal Control Facility for all altered or unaltered dogs and cats. A duplicate tag may be obtained upon payment of such costs as established by the Metropolitan Animal Control Facility.
      8.   No person shall use any license for any dog or cat other than the dog or cat for which it is issued.
   B.   Other Animals And Animal Uses:
      1.   Upon showing compliance with the regulations promulgated by the Town Clerk, a license shall be issued following payment of the applicable fee, as follows:
         a.   For each trained commercial guard dog, twenty dollars ($20.00);
         b.   For each kennel, cattery or pet shop, per year, fifty dollars ($50.00);
         c.   For any zoological garden or animal act, covering all animals, fifty dollars ($50.00).
      2.   No fee shall be required of any veterinary hospital, humane society or Municipal animal control facility.
      3.   The license fee shall cover one calendar year from the date of month in which the license is issued. A new license shall be obtained each year by every owner and a new fee paid. Upon change in ownership of an animal or facility, the new owner may have the current license transferred to his name for a one dollar ($1.00) transfer fee. (Ord. 99-04, 11-16-1999)