A.   Removal By Town Authorized: The Mayor or his authorized agent may, at his discretion, after notice is served upon the proper person as set out in Section 3-2-2 of this Chapter, either issue a citation to the landowner or occupant for the violation or go upon such lot, alleyway or sidewalk area in front thereof, and remove such weeds and noxious vegetable growth therefrom, and the expense thereof shall be charged to the lot and the same certified to the proper taxing authorities and collected from the owner of such lot from which the weeds and noxious vegetable growth have been removed.
   B.   Fix Costs: The Town Council shall, from time to time, determine and fix an amount to be assessed as administrative costs in relation to enforcement of this Chapter. This cost of administration may be set as a fixed sum per abatement or as a percentage of the actual cost of abatement under this Chapter. In addition, the actual costs of abatement may be charged against the owner of the property upon which the nuisance is situate. (Ord. 93-09, 10-5-1993)