A.   Notice Of Abatement: Whenever the Mayor, or his designated representative, is of the opinion that weeds, noxious vegetable growth or grasses constitutes a public nuisance, as defined herein, the Mayor, or representative, shall give written notice to the owner of the affected lot of the nuisance declaration, if his address is known, or to any other person or entity occupying the lot or premises situate thereon, upon which the nuisance occurs. The notice shall be made by regular mail or personal service, at the address of the individual or entity.
   B.   Contents Of Notice: Such notice shall include substantially the following information:
      1.   A statement that the weeds, noxious vegetable growth or grasses located upon the property is a nuisance within the provisions of Section 3-2-1 of this Chapter;
      2.   A description of the real property, by lot and block, and also by street address or otherwise, on which the nuisance exists;
      3.   A statement that such nuisance must be abated within ten (10) days from the date on the notice;
      4.   A statement that if the nuisance is not abated within the time period, the Town may either: a) issue a citation for the nuisance for each day the nuisance is not abated; or b) may abate the nuisance and the cost of abatement may be charged to the owner of the nuisance or assessed against the land upon which the nuisance exists, or both;
      5.   A statement that a hearing upon the allegation of a public nuisance and the assessment of costs may be requested by giving written notice to the Town Clerk within ten (10) days from the date on the notice, and that a request must specify the property concerning which the request is made, the requesting party's name and address and the nature of the interest held by the requesting party; that upon request, a hearing will be scheduled to determine if a public nuisance exists and as to the assessment of administrative costs and the costs of abatement; that if a hearing is not so requested, the right to a hearing shall be waived;
      6.   A statement that failure to abate the nuisance may result in a Town abatement and/or criminal charges. (Ord. 93-09, 10-5-1993; amd. 1999 Code; Ord. 2019-03, 10-22-2019)