A.   The following items will not be collected under the provisions of this Chapter and the disposal of the stated items shall be the sole responsibility of the resident:
      1.   Any type of furniture;
      2.   Heavy appliances, including, but not limited to, hot water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, etc.;
      3.   Tires;
      4.   Fireplace ashes of any age;
      5.   Iron or steel;
      6.   Wire cable; and
      7.   Hazardous materials, which shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
   Acids, any form.
   Asbestos and by-products.
Car frames, etc. (engine blocks, transmissions, drive line, axles, bell housing, wheels).
Cleaning chemicals (industrial soaps, wax, etc.).
   Containers of water or liquids.
   Contaminated dirt.
   Dead animals, including "parts", "whole" and/or hides.
   Drilling chemicals.
   Lawn growth chemicals (Ortho Grow, fertilizer, etc.).
Oil by-products (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.).
   Paint thinners, linseed oil, etc.
   Pesticides, dry or liquid.
   Pool chemicals.
   Printing materials (liquid like ink, etc.).
   Questionable materials, dry or liquid.
Rocks, stone, brick, concrete and dirt and other building materials or mineral waste.
   Transformers. (Ord. 98-05, 8-4-1998)