A.   Premises To Be Kept Clean: It shall be the duty of any owner, agent, tenant, purchaser, contractor or lessee of any premises within the Town, including places of business, dwelling houses, apartments, tenements, construction sites or other establishments, at all times to maintain the premises in a clean and orderly condition, permitting no deposit or accumulation of materials other than those necessarily or ordinarily attendant upon construction or upon the use for which such premises are legally intended. Any such accumulation is hereby declared to constitute a nuisance and a nonconforming use of the premises.
   B.   Garbage Receptacles Required: Where cooking or eating is done, all persons shall provide and keep, at their expense and at all times, storage containers which are suitable for the purpose of holding all garbage and refuse without running over.
   C.   Specific Garbage Disposal: Residential kitchen garbage shall be drained of excess water and shall be wrapped in paper or plastic. Commercial kitchen garbage shall be placed in watertight paper or plastic bags designed for these purposes before placement in containers. Animal feces and any accompanying absorbent materials shall also be separately bagged or otherwise secured before placement in containers. (Ord. 98-05, 8-4-1998)