(A)   No mobile food vendor shall utilize music or other noises in the sale of goods or services, which music or noise may be considered to be unreasonably loud, harsh or excessive and in violation of § 94.20 of the Bardstown Code of Ordinances.
   (B)   No mobile food vendor shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed the passage of any sidewalk, street, avenue, alley or any other public place, by causing people to congregate at or near the place where food is being sold or offered for sale.
   (C)   All lighting shall be permanently or semi-permanently affixed to the vending facility. No lighting shall be permitted to shine on or into any public right-of-way or other private property, or cause any glare that could be considered a public hazard, nuisance or distraction to vehicular movement, neighboring business operations, or residential uses. No flashing or strobe lighting shall be permitted.
   (D)   All vendors shall place at least one 30-gallon garbage receptacle upon the site of business for customer use.
   (E)   Food and beverages shall only be displayed or offered for sale from the vendor’s vehicle.
   (F)   All vehicles shall be equipped with at least one 2A-40 BC fire extinguisher.
   (G)   At the conclusion of daily business activities, the mobile food vendor shall clean up and remove all debris, trash and litter generated by their business activities.
   (H)   Every mobile food vendor vehicle shall be totally self contained, with its own potable water supply, its own electric and/or gas generator/supply, and shall not be attached to any exterior utility, including those of any other business at their location. Waste products, (including hot water and drainage from coolers) shall not be poured down a storm drain or a sanitary sewer.
   (I)   All mobile food vendor vehicles shall be maintained and kept in good operating order and visual appearance, including the removal of graffiti.
   (J)   In addition to written application, a mobile food vendor shall provide a written authorization from the business owner or authorized representative of the business owner in which the mobile food vendor intends to conduct business on such business owner’s property, and the location shall be submitted to the city no less than one business day before use.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 1-28-14) Penalty, see § 112.99