All mobile food vendors with a permit shall comply with, or be subject to the following:
   (A)   No permit shall be transferable nor shall such permit authorize activities by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.
   (B)   Every person to whom a permit is issued shall conform at all times with all applicable city requirements, including without limitation, public health and safety ordinances and regulations; local zoning codes and regulations; local occupational license fee ordinances and regulations; and any other applicable regulation or code provisions.
   (C)   Any permit issued under this subchapter shall be posted conspicuously at the place of business authorized therein.
   (D)   Permits issued under this subchapter shall be valid for the time period specified thereon.
   (E)   Re-application shall be required upon expiration of a permit if the applicant wishes to continue such activity.
   (F)   Issuance of a permit under this subchapter shall not excuse any permit holder from compliance with any other applicable ordinance or law.
   (G)   A mobile food vendor must be 18 years or older or if between the age of 14 and 17, inclusive, must submit proof of a valid work permit.
   (H)   No mobile food vendor may set out chairs or tables or both unless their location is within 100 feet of a public rest-room.
   (I)   No mobile food vendor’s vehicle shall be located closer than 20 feet from any building or structure on the licensed property or adjoining property.
   (J)   No mobile food vendor’s vehicle shall be located on a lot that does not have an approved entrance to a street or roadway.
   (K)   No mobile food vendor shall operate as a "drive through" business.
   (L)   No mobile food vendor’s vehicle shall locate closer than 50 feet from flammable combustible liquid or gas storage and dispensing structures.
   (M)   No mobile food vendor’s vehicle shall locate closer than 100 feet from a city permitted community event or fair, without the written permission of the event organizers.
   (N)   No mobile food vendor shall locate his or her vehicle within 20 feet of any public right-of-way or within 20 feet of the intersection of any public right-of-way and private driveway.
   (O)   No mobile food vendor shall conduct business in violation of any zoning, traffic or sidewalk ordinances of the city as now in effect or hereafter amended, or to cause a traffic hazard.
   (P)   The location used by and for the mobile food vendor, along with the entrance and driveway to the location shall be paved, (to accommodate HS 20 loads).
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 1-28-14) Penalty, see § 112.99