The Mayor has the authority to deny or revoke any mobile food vendor permit for the following reasons:
   (A)   Any felony or misdemeanor conviction for the following offenses:
      (1)   Larceny;
      (2)   Assault;
      (3)   Domestic violence crimes;
      (4)   Fraud;
      (5)   Sex crimes;
      (6)   Drug-related crimes;
      (7)   Crimes against children and/or vulnerable adults;
      (8)   Any other criminal offenses directly related to fitness for a license or permit;
   (B)   A history of traffic violations of an applicant for mobile vendor;
   (C)   Discovery of facts supporting lack of business responsibility or discovery of any reason that the applicant presents a risk to citizens if permitted to engage in activities as a mobile food vendor; and
   (D)   Noncompliance with any applicable City of Bardstown ordinance or regulation provision or state laws, rules or regulations.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 1-28-14)