(A)   At least once every 6 months the health officer shall inspect every food establishment located within the city. In case the health officer discovers the violation of any item of sanitation required for the grade then held, he shall make a second inspection after the lapse of such time as he deems necessary for the defect to be remedied, and the second inspection shall be used in determining compliance with the grade requirements of this chapter. Any violation of the same item of this chapter on 2 consecutive inspections shall call for immediate degrading or suspension of permit.
   (B)   One copy of the inspection report shall be posted by the health officer upon an inside wall of the food establishment, and the inspection report shall not be defaced or removed by any person except the health officer. Another copy of the inspection report shall be filed with the records of the health department.
(Ord. passed 9-14-48) Penalty, see § 112.99