For the purpose of this chapter the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed them respectively.
   "BEVERAGES." Drinkable, nonalcoholic liquids prepared for immediate human consumption and may be served only in cans, paper or Styrofoam cups or plastic containers. No glass.
   "EMPLOYEES." Any person who handles food or drink during preparation or serving, or who comes in contact with any eating or cooking utensils, or who is employed at any time in a room in which food or drink is prepared or served.
   "FOOD." Food prepared for immediate human consumption, including condiments and prepackaged foods, all as allowed by the Kentucky Department of Health and Family Services.
   "FOOD ESTABLISHMENT." A place where food or beverages intended for human consumption are manufactured, prepared, kept, handled, stored or offered for sale and shall include grocery stores, meat markets, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, short order cafes, luncheonettes, taverns, sandwich stands, soda fountains, bakeries, confectioneries, fish markets, beverage manufacturing plants, fruits and vegetable markets, and all other public eating and drinking establishments.
   "HEALTH OFFICER." The health officer of Nelson County Health Department or his authorized representative.
   "LOCATION." Any lot or set of contiguous lots, with the same owner.
   "MOBILE FOOD VENDOR." A food vendor who conducts business from a food establishment on wheels or is otherwise mobile, and which only sells food and beverages.
   "PRIVATE PROPERTY." All property not included within the definition of public property or public place.
   "PUBLIC PROPERTY or PUBLIC PLACE." Any place, property or premises dedicated to public use, owned by the City of Bardstown, occupied by the City of Bardstown as a lessee, or occupied by the City of Bardstown by reason of an easement, including, but not limited to streets, parks or parking lots so owned or occupied.
   "UTENSILS." Any kitchenware, tableware, glassware, cutlery, utensils, containers, or other equipment with which food or drink comes in contact during storage, preparation or serving.
(Ord. passed 9-14-48; Am. Ord. B2014-03, passed 1-28-14)