(A)   Availability of service. Available to any customer-generator who owns and operates a generating facility located on customer's premises (distributed generation) that generates electricity using solar, wind, biomass or biogas, or hydro energy in parallel with the city's electric distribution system to provide all or part of customer's electrical requirements, and who executes the city's written application for interconnection and net billing. The generation facility shall be limited to a maximum rated capacity of 45 kilowatts.
   (B)   Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed to them respectively:
      (1)   "BILLING PERIOD." The time period between the dates on which the city issues the customer's bills.
      (2)   "NET BILLING." The difference between the:
         (a)   Dollar value of any electricity generated by an eligible customer-generator that is fed back to the electric grid over a billing period and priced at the avoided wholesale power costs to the City of Bardstown; and
         (b)   Dollar value of all electricity consumed by the eligible customer-generator over the same billing period and priced at that billing period's applicable retail energy rate.
      (3)   "NET BILLING GENERATOR." An electric generating facility with a rated capacity of less than 45 kilowatts that is connected in parallel with the city's electric distribution system and generates electricity using solar, wind, biomass or biogas, or hydro energy.
   (C)   Metering and billing.
      (1)   Net billing service shall be measured using a single meter and shall be measured in accordance with standard metering practices by metering equipment capable of registering power flow in both directions for each billing period. This net billing equipment shall be provided without any cost to the customer. This provision does not relieve customer's responsibility to pay metering costs embedded in the city's base rates.
      (2)   For each billing period, if the dollar value of electricity generated exceeds the dollar value of electricity consumed plus the customer charge, this shall generate a reimbursement in the form of a dollar-denominated bill credit. The amount of the credit in excess shall carry forward to the next bill and drawn on by the customer as needed. Unused excess billing-period credits existing at the time customer's service are terminated with customer's account and are not transferrable between customers or locations. If an eligible customer closes his or her account, no cash refund for accumulated credits shall be paid.
   (D)   Net billing service interconnection. Customer shall apply for interconnection of and operate their interconnected generating facility in parallel with the city's electric system under conditions required by the Electric Department's general rules and regulations.
(Ord. B2019-16, passed 12-17-19)