Customers shall be held responsible for tampering with, breaking seals of, interfering with, connecting or disconnecting the city’s electric meter(s), or other electrical equipment of the city installed on the customer’s premises, and shall be held liable for same according to law. Notwithstanding, any person who reconnects or bypasses a meter that has been disconnected for nonpayment of service will be assessed $150 for the first occurrence and $300 per occurrence for any additional occurrences in addition to any other applicable balances, fees or charges due. Likewise, any person who establishes electric service by bypassing, connecting or reconnecting a meter will be assessed $150 per occurrence. No one except the employees, or agents of the city shall be allowed to connect, disconnect or make any internal or external adjustments to any meter or any other piece of apparatus, which shall be the property of the city.
(Ord. 750, passed 5-14-02; Am. Ord. B2006-12, passed 6-6-06; Am. Ord. B2009-07, passed 6-23-09; Am. Ord. B2015-10, passed 4-28-15)