§ 50.06 SURCHARGE.
   There is established and fixed as an add-on charge, referred to and designated as a power cost adjustment (PCA) surcharge, which shall be charged to each customer to recover the monthly change in cost of purchased wholesale power and will reflect the fuel adjustment charge and annual changes to the wholesale rate based on formulaic modification allowed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, per FERC Docket No. ER08-1588-000, or as amended by latest FERC-approved filing. The PCA is expressed as dollars per kWh and is multiplied by the energy (kWh) sold during each billing period to each customer. The PCA is designed to be calculated monthly based on actual power costs and energy sales for the applicable month. The following formula has been designed to calculate the PCA:
      PCA =      A/B - base rate where,
      PCA =      The cost adjustment expressed as dollars per kWh to be multiplied by the energy (kWh) sold during each billing period to customers on rates subject to the PCA.
      A =       Actual wholesale power cost for the applicable month (includes all wholesale power costs as billed by Kentucky utilities).
      B =      Actual retail energy in kWh subject to the PCA for the applicable month.
      Base Rate =   The base rate is the base wholesale power cost, exclusive of SEPA power cost, expressed as dollars per kWh, included in, and used to determine, the retail base rates established herein for all retail customers. The base rate as of the effective date of this chapter is $0.06357.
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