(A)   Creation of unit. There is hereby established, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 737.051(B), within the Police Department of the city a Parking Enforcement Unit.
   (B)   Appointment of members. The Director of Public Safety shall be the executive head of the Parking Enforcement Unit and shall make all appointments and removals of parking enforcement officers.
   (C)   Term of service. Parking enforcement officers shall serve at the pleasure of the Director of Public Safety or until resignation submitted by such officers are accepted by the Director of Public Safety.
   (D)   Rules; training. The Director of Public Safety shall prescribe rules for the organization, training, administration, control and conduct of the Parking Enforcement Unit. Regarding rules for training, the Director shall prescribe the training of the officers and shall include instruction of general administration, rules and procedures governing the unit, the role of the judicial system as it relates to parking regulations and enforcement, proper techniques and methods relating to the enforcement of parking ordinances, human interaction skills and first aid.
   (E)   Authority. The authority of the parking enforcement officers shall be limited to the enforcement of ordinances governing parking in handicapped parking locations and fire lanes and the enforcement of Ch. 351 and 355 of this code of ordinances. These officers shall have no other powers.
   (F)   Non-liability. This section is an exercise by the city of its police powers for the protection of the public peace, health, property, safety and general welfare, and neither the city, nor an agent or representative of the city, nor any officer appointed under the provisions of this section, nor any other agent thereof, who, in good faith, executes any executive order, rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to the provisions of this section, shall be liable for injury or damage sustained to any person or property as the direct or proximate result of such action.
(Prior Code, § 238.04)  (Ord. 94-1991, passed 6-10-1991)