660.01   Venting of heaters and burners.
660.02   Spreading contagion.
660.03   Trash deposits.
660.04   Noxious odors; filthy accumulations; polluting and diverting watercourses.
660.05   Littering.
660.06   Abandoned refrigerators and airtight containers.
660.07   Contamination from the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.
660.08   Regulations for ice cream vendors.
660.09   Clandestine drug labs.
660.10   Reserved for future legislation.
660.11   Reserved for future legislation.
660.12   Reserved for future legislation.
660.13   Burning rubber prohibited.
660.14   Scavenging prohibited.
660.15   Spitting.
660.16   Dangerous, abandoned excavations or buildings.
660.17   Barbed wire or electrically charged fences.
660.18   Improper drainage.
660.19   Unguarded swimming prohibited.
660.20   Open burning.
660.21   Smoking in public places.
   Excavation liability, see Ohio R.C. 723.49 et seq.
   Inducing panic, see GEN. OFF. 648.08
   Junk cars, see GEN. OFF. 632
   Littering from motor vehicles, see TRAF. 331.41
   Loads dropping or leaking; tracking mud; removal required, see TRAF. 339.08
   Nuisances, see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
   Placing harmful substance or objects in food or confection, see GEN. OFF. 636.15
   Placing injurious material or obstruction in street, see TRAF. 311.01
   Rabies quarantine, see GEN. OFF. 618.11
   Riot, see GEN. OFF. 648.01 et seq.
   Safety and equipment for motor vehicles, see TRAF. Ch. 337
   See section histories for similar state law
   Streets and sidewalks, see GEN. OFF. Ch. 668
   Weapons and explosives, see GEN. OFF. Ch. 672
   Willfully leaving vehicles on private or public property, see TRAF. 303.09