Water service will not be provided following an interruption in service when the following conditions are present:
   (A)   There is an outstanding utility bill for any of the following: water; sewer; trash service; storm water utility or lighting utility at the particular property regardless of whether or not the prior service was in the name of a property owner or a tenant;
   (B)   The property owner has city utility bills outstanding, overdue (more than 60 days’ delinquent) and unpaid for other property owned;
   (C)   The property owner has previously had service denied and/or shut-off without paying the entire amount due and owing on delinquent accounts;
   (D)   City utility service will not be provided to a tenant, a subtenant, a sublessee, sublessor, assignee and/or assignor in the event that their landlord, or owner of the property that is the subject of a tenancy, would be unable to obtain service independently based upon the existence of one or more of the above-noted conditions;
   (E)   The Utility Department may enter agreements providing for incremental payments to be made with the added option of providing current water service contingent upon compliance with a payment plan agreed to by the Water Department. The option contained in this division (E) is solely within the discretion of the Utility Department and need not be offered to those seeking the provision of water service.
(Prior Code, § 1044.04)  (Ord. 182-2007, passed 11-26-2007; Ord. 105-2019, passed 9-23-2019)