(A)   The Director of Public Service and/or the City Engineer may require a property owner to install sidewalks of an existing property if any or all of the following parameters are met:
      (1)   The property is located on a major street;
      (2)   The property is located on a secondary street;
      (3)   The property is located on a local street with a minimum of 75% of the properties on the block having existing sidewalks; and
      (4)   The property owner(s) request that sidewalks be installed on his, her or their property by filing an application with the City Engineer.
   (B)   The Director of Public Service or the City Engineer will send to all property owners who are required to install sidewalks a notice indicating that they have 60 days to install a sidewalk abutting their property according to the standards set forth by the City Engineer.
   (C)   After the 60 days has expired, the Director of Public Service or the City Engineer may have the sidewalk installed for the property owner.
   (D)   After the completion of the installation of the new sidewalk, the Finance Director shall send the property owner an invoice for services rendered and request payment in full, indicating that if the payment is not received in 30 days, the balance of payment will be forwarded onto their property tax.
   (E)   (1)   The city shall establish a fund to assist in the cost of installing new fill-in sidewalks for residential property owners.
      (2)   Council will establish the amount that the city will contribute annually.
(Prior Code, § 1028.07)  (Ord. 164-1996, passed 11-12-1996; Ord. 109-2001, passed 5-29-2001)