(A)   Each homeowner who engages in the work of laying, relaying or repairing sidewalks shall, before engaging in any such work or employment, make a cash refundable deposit of $100 to guarantee restoration to the satisfaction of the City Engineer and/or the Director of Public Service.
   (B)   (1)   Before any person who is entitled to lay, relay or repair sidewalks undertakes to do such work, he or she shall obtain a permit from the City Engineer.
      (2)   The application for such permit shall specify the owner of the property in front of which the sidewalk is to be laid and the probable time for beginning and finishing the work to lay, relay or repair such sidewalk.
      (3)   Separate permits shall be required for each continuous stretch of sidewalk to be laid.
      (4)   The cash deposit, less any expense which may have been charged against the same by the city, shall be returned whenever the person entitled to lay, relay or repair sidewalks, having made such deposit in accordance with the provisions herein prescribed, signifies in writing to the Director his or her intention to no longer engage in such work.
(Prior Code, § 1028.06)  (Ord. 109-2001, passed 5-29-2001)