§ 864.08  RIGHT OF APPEAL.
   Any decision of the Chief of Police or the Mayor made pursuant to §§ 864.04, 864.05 or 864.07 may be appealed to an Appeal Board consisting of the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Court, the Chairperson of the Committee of Public Safety of Council and the Mayor. Such appeal shall be filed within ten days of the date of such decision by any person adversely affected thereby. Such appeal shall be perfected by the appellant filing with the Mayor a written notice of his or her intention to appeal, together with a deposit of $50, of which one-half shall be refunded to the appellant in case the Appeal Board renders a decision in favor of the appellant; otherwise, such deposit shall be forfeited to the city. The decision of the Appeal Board shall be rendered within 15 days from hearing and shall be final.
(Prior Code, § 864.08)  (Ord. 160-1976, passed 7-6-1976)