(A)   Police protection shall be required at all public dances and teenage dances, in accordance with the following schedule.
Number of Persons               Number of Police
in Attendance                   Officers Required
      0 -  50                  1
    50 - 100                  2
  100 - 200                  3
  200 - over                  3 plus 1 for each additional 100  persons
   (B)   When the services of public safety employees of the city are to be utilized to comply with the above schedule, the fees there for shall be paid to the Director of Administrative Services prior to the issuance of a dance permit.  The fees shall be as set by resolution of the City Council.
   (C)   In lieu of city police officers, uniformed private patrol personnel who are regularly employed by a private patrol, licensed to do business in the city, may be utilized.
   (D)   The City Manager may, upon consideration of application for such permits, require a greater number of police officers or the police protection may be waived, if he finds that the protection is not required to preserve the public peace, health and safety.
('83 Code, § 5.28.050)