§ 31.06  ABSENCE.
   All references in the Baldwin Park Municipal Code and ordinances and resolutions of the City Council to the office or position of the "City Manager" and the like shall mean and refer to the CEO except where such provisions are inconsistent with Urgency Ordinance 1074 and 1110 and the provisions of §§ 31.01 to 31.06 unless the context of such a reference may require otherwise.  Sections 31.01 to 31.06 shall take precedence with respect to any conflicts with Urgency Ordinance 1074 and 1110.
('83 Code, § 2.04.060)  (Ord. 845, passed - -82; Am. Ord. 1131, passed 5-6-98)
Editor's Note:  The city from time to time operates under alternative procedures in the absence of a City Manager. At the time of this codification, Urgency Ord. 1074, passed 10-20-93, as amended by Ord. 1110, passed 1-17-96, delegates authority and functions to various department heads.