(A)   Covered projects. Except as otherwise provided in this Code, each applicant for a permit required by Chapter 150 of the Baldwin Park Municipal Code shall also complete and submit a Construction and Demolition Materials Management Plan (C&DMMP), unless the project is an exempt project, as defined below. On and after September 1, 2003 no building or demolition permit shall be issued by the Building Official unless the applicant for a construction or demolition permit for a covered project has submitted to the Building Official a Construction and Demolition Materials Management Plan approved by the City’s Environmental Compliance Official pursuant to § 53.12.
   (B)   City-sponsored projects. Except as provided herein, all city-sponsored construction, demolition, and renovation projects shall be considered “covered projects” and shall be subject to all applicable provisions of this chapter. Prior to the start of any city-sponsored construction or demolition activities, a Construction and Demolition Materials Management Plan shall be prepared by the contractor.  The city is not required to submit a diversion security deposit for city-sponsored covered projects. City-sponsored demolition or construction required to protect public health or safety in an emergency, as defined in Cal. Pub. Res. Code § 21060.3, as it, from time to time, may be amended, is not a covered project.
   (C)   Compliance as a condition of approval. Compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall be included as a condition of approval on any building or demolition permit issued for a covered project.
(Ord. 1214, passed 10-15-03)