(A)   Prohibitions.
      (1)    No person shall allow any cattle, sheep, swine, fowl, dogs or other domestic animals to run at large in the Town of Bainbridge.
      (2)    Every owner shall exercise proper care and control of his or her animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance.
      (3)   Every female dog or cat in heat shall be confined in a building or secure enclosure in such a manner that such female dog or cat cannot come into contact with another animal other than for supervised and planned breeding.
      (4)   No animals shall be allowed on any lot, other than a domesticated animal no larger than the largest of the registered dog breeds, and no more than 2 animals may be kept outside of the dwelling, whether in a pet house or otherwise.
      (5)   The town is responsible for catching or disposing of wild animals.
   (B)   Liability of owner for animal found at large.
      (1)   In addition to or in lieu of impounding an animal found at large, as set out in § 91.03, below, and in addition to any possible criminal penalties contained in I.C. 15-5-12, the town may issue to the known owner of an animal at large, a notice of ordinance violation.
      (2)   The notice of violation shall impose upon the owner a penalty of $50 for the first violation. The fine for any subsequent violation occurring within the same calendar year shall be $100, which is to be paid to the Clerk-Treasurer of the town within 30 days in full satisfaction of the assessed penalty.
      (3)   In cases of impoundment, the owner shall be responsible for repaying the town for any boarding or other fees charged by the animal shelter.
   (C)   Control and disposition of vicious animals.
      (1)   VICIOUS ANIMAL is defined as an animal that constitutes a physical threat to human beings or other animals.
      (2)   No person shall keep or permit any vicious animal within the town unless the animal is secured by a chain on its premises or is muzzled to prevent the animal from biting.
      (3)   Any dog that has bitten or attacked any person or other animal shall be considered vicious and shall be impounded for a period of 10 days or so long as the Putnam County Board of Health may otherwise determine. In lieu of impounding the dog at the animal shelter, the owner,  at his or her expense, may provide for such dog to be delivered to a commercial kennel operated by a licensed veterinarian for such period. After such period, the animal shall be released, or disposed of if it is determined that the dog has rabies or otherwise provides a health threat.
      (4)   Any unmuzzled animal that is found running at large and is believed to be vicious may be destroyed by the Bainbridge Police Department.
(Ord. 2006-5, passed 12-13-2006)    Penalty, see § 91.99
Statutory reference:
   Recklessly permitting a domestic animal to run at large, see I.C. 15-2.1-21-8