(A)   Design standards and specifications for water and/or sewer improvements shall conform to the most current adopted version of the town’s water and sewer policy. A copy of the policy is available at the office of the Administrator or the office of the Public Works Director. The town may refer any other providers policy as it applies to the project on a case by case basis.
   (B)   Plans for a proposed utility extension must be prepared by registered professional engineer and submitted to the town and appropriate state agencies for their approval. The minimum distance for any extension of a water main or sanitary sewer main shall be determined by the town. In general, the minimum distance for an extension shall be across the entire frontage of the property being developed, or as otherwise determined by the Public Works Director or designee. Extensions will not be approved unless located within a town or state-maintained road right-or-way or irrevocable easement obtained for such extension. Such easements shall be signed, be in recordable form and shall be submitted prior to plan approval. Notwithstanding, the Town Council may approve a deviation in extreme hardship cases, which shall be supported by findings of fact.
   (C)   When two-inch water lines are utilized (i.e., for all cul-de-sac applications), the Rehau MUNICIPEX water service line, or equal, shall be installed. This material shall meet AWWAC904, ASTMF876 PEXa with a 200 psi working pressure. The manufacturer will co-extrude, blue-colored ultraviolet (UV) shield on exterior and issue a one-year warranty for UV protection of the water service line. The utility provider may allow a substitute on a case by case basis.
   (D)   Private water and sewer utility systems shall meet all town or local utility provider’s design and construction standards.
(Ord. passed - -, App. C-2)