Meetings of the Board of Commissioners shall be conducted in accordance with the following:
   (A)   No proposition shall be entertained by the presiding officer until it has been seconded.
   (B)   Every proposition shall, when requested by the Mayor or any member, be reduced to writing.
   (C)   The previous question may be called at any time by a majority of the members present. The ayes and noes may be called for by any member.
   (D)   When a question is under consideration, no motion shall be received except the following, which shall have precedence in the order named:
      (1)   To lay on the table.
      (2)   To postpone to a time certain.
      (3)   To postpone indefinitely.
      (4)   To refer to a committee.
      (5)   To amend.
      (6)   To strike out or to insert.
      (7)   To divide.
   (E)   A motion to adjourn shall always be in order and shall be decided without debate.
('70 Code, Ch. A, Art. I § 14)