(A)   After giving the operator of a game room adequate notice and an opportunity to be heard, the Chief of Police may revoke the license of any game room operator who:
      (1)   Violates the provisions of §§ 112.03 or 112.05.
      (2)   Is convicted of unlawfully using or selling alcoholic beverages or any narcotic drugs.
      (3)   Makes false statements on the application.
      (4)   An employer who hires an employee in a supervisory position, who the operator knows, or should have known, who has violated any of the three conditions above.
   (B)   The operator may appeal the decision of the Chief of Police to the Town Manager. The appeal must be submitted in writing within ten working days after the license has been revoked.
(Ord. 82-83-4A, passed 1-10-83; Am. Ord. 93-94-18, passed 4-11-94)