(A)   Applications will be individually reviewed by the Festival Board of Directors. In deciding whether to grant or deny permits to engage in the sale of concessions during this period, the Board will give priority to:
      (1)   Established merchants of the town.
      (2)   Residents of the town.
      (3)   Those applicants whose plans for concession sales seem to best serve visitors and participants, as well as enhance the festival activities.
   (B)   The Festival Board of Directors will limit those permits which are given for concession sales to a number which will provide for adequate food, beverage, souvenirs and other concession services without causing confusion and overcrowding during the celebration. The Festival Chairperson shall forward the approved applications to the Town Clerk for permit issuance prior to the beginning of the festival. The Town Clerk shall have final approval in issuing such permits.
(Ord. 91-92-19, passed 4-13-92)