(A)   The Board of Commissioners hereby delegates to the Board of Trustees the following responsibilities and duties:
      (1)   To formulate and recommend programs, policies, and regulations for the library to the Board of Commissioners involving the use of operational funds for implementation. To formulate and adopt policies and regulations involving non-operational funded programs.
      (2)   To make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners concerning the construction and improvement of buildings and other structures for the library.
      (3)   To make recommendations for the care and maintenance of library facilities.
      (4)   To formulate and recommend a schedule of fines and charges for late returns or failure to return, damage to, and loss of library materials to the Board of Commissioners.
      (5)   To participate in the preparation and recommendation of the annual budget for the library to the Board of Commissioners.
      (6)   To recommend the hours of operation for the library and make recommendations to the Town Manager concerning duties and responsibilities of the librarian.
      (7)   To select from its membership a Chairman and such other officers as necessary, and to adopt bylaws under which it will operate.
      (8)   To otherwise advise the Board of Commissioners on library matters.
   (B)   The Library Board of Trustees shall hold at least one meeting quarterly, and all of its meetings shall be open to the public. Whenever a regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees falls on a town-observed public holiday, it is automatically rescheduled for the next weekday or other date as determined by the Library Board. No regular or special meeting of the Library Board of Trustees should be scheduled on a town-observed public holiday.
   (C)   Trustees shall make an annual report on the operations of the library to the Board of Commissioners and shall make such other reports to the State Department of Cultural Resources as required by G.S. § 125-5.
(Ord. 74-75-8, passed 2-10-75; Am. Ord. 08-09-36, passed 4-27-09; Am. Ord. 12-13-09, passed 10-8-12)