The following enumerated and described conditions are hereby found, deemed and declared to constitute a detriment, danger and hazard to the public health and the public safety of the inhabitants of the town and are found, deemed and declared to be public nuisances wherever the same may exist and the creation, maintenance, or failure to abate any nuisance is hereby declared unlawful:
   (A)   Any condition which is a breeding ground or harbor for mosquitoes or a breeding ground or harbor for rats or other pests;
   (B)   A place of heavy growth of weeds, grasses, vines or other vegetation over 12 inches in height;
   (C)   A place of growth of vines, shrubs, or other vegetation when the condition is causing a breeding ground for rodents or is a focal point for any other nuisance enumerated in this section;
   (D)   A place of growth of poison sumac, poison ivy, poison oak, or other noxious vegetation;
   (E)   An open place of collection of stagnant water where insects tend to breed;
   (F)   Any concentration of combustible items such as mattresses, boxes, paper, automobile tires and tubes, garbage, trash, refuse, brush, old clothes, rags, or any other combustible materials or objects of a like nature;
   (G)   Any concentration of building materials including concrete, steel, or masonry which are not suitable for building construction, alterations or repairs, and which are in open places;
   (H)   An open place of collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste, or any other rotten or putrescible matter of any kind; provided, however, nothing in this division shall be construed to prevent the generally accepted use of a properly maintained compost pile or storage of animal manure being used as fertilizer for lawns and gardens and for other agricultural or horticultural purposes;
   (I)   Any household or office furniture, appliances, or metal products of any kind kept in open places or indoor upholstered furniture kept outside of a fully enclosed structure;
   (J)   Any products which have jagged edges of metal or glass or areas of confinement kept in open places;
   (K)   Any open place of concentration of trash, refuse, discarded bottles, cans or medical supplies;
      (1)   Any condition whereby any fence, sign, billboard, shrubbery, bush, tree, mailbox, or other object or combination of objects which obstructs the view of motorists using any street, private driveway, or approach to any street intersection adjacent to and abutting such and so as to constitute a traffic hazard or obstruction as a condition dangerous to public safety upon any street, private driveway, or at any street intersection;
   (M)   Any building, structure, fence, or retaining wall, or portion thereof, declared to be unsafe by the Code Enforcement Officer, or Building Inspector where applicable, and which is in danger of collapse so that it may fall and injure members of the public or damage public or private property;
   (N)   Any improper or inadequate drainage, as determined by the Director of Public Works and Utilities, on private property, which causes flooding, interferes with the use of, or endangers in any way the streets, sidewalks, parks or other town owned property of any kind;
   (O)   Any condition, as determined by the Director of Public Works, which blocks, hinders, or obstructs in any way the natural flow of branches, streams, creeks, surface waters, ditches, or drains; or
   (P)   Any other condition declared to be dangerous or prejudicial to the public health or public safety and a public nuisance by the Board of Commissioners.
(Ord. 08-09-32, passed 3-9-09)