§ 90.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   If the owner of an abandoned, junk, or nuisance motor vehicle continues to violate this chapter beyond the time specified, he/she shall be subject to a civil penalty of $50. No penalty shall be assessed until the person alleged to be in violation has been notified of the violation by mail or by affixing same on the windshield.
   (B)   For each day the violation is not corrected, the violator will be guilty of a new and separate offense and subject to additional civil penalties.
   (C)   If the violator fails to pay this penalty within ten days after being cited for violation, the penalty may be recovered by the city in a civil action in the nature of debt.
   (D)   If the same violation occurs within a five-year period from the date of the initial violation, it shall be considered to be a continuation of the initial violation and shall be subject to an additional civil penalty as set forth in this section.
(Ord. 02-03-14, passed 10-14-02)