The Police Chief shall add a tow service to the police call list when he finds that:
   (A)   The public convenience and necessity require the proposed tow service for which the application has been submitted.
   (B)   The tow service business location and its storage facilities are or will be located within or no more than five miles outside the city limits;
   (C)   Insurance policies as required by this chapter have been procured;
   (D)   All applicants, owners, officers, directors, shareholders and partners are fit and proper persons to conduct or work in the proposed business and have never been convicted of any felony, assault, theft or any other crime involving the taking, use, tampering with or conversion of a motor vehicle;
   (E)   The tow service will use only tow trucks equipped with an amber-colored flashing light, which shall be operating during any tow as provided by law;
   (F)   The tow service will provide 24 hours per day, seven days per week, on-call service;
   (G)   The tow service will arrive at the location of the vehicle to be towed within 20 minutes after receiving a request for day towing service and within a reasonable time after receiving a request for night, weekend and holiday towing from the Police Department;
   (H)   The tow service will provide and use a storage area for towed vehicles that is enclosed by a chain link fence or equivalently secured fence or enclosure which shall be illuminated at night;
   (I)   The requirements of this chapter and all other governing laws and ordinances have been met; and
   (J)   No applicant nor any owner, officer, director, shareholder, associate or partner of the applicant is already listed on the call list whether in his own name or as an owner, officer, director, shareholder, associate or partner of any other listed towing service.
(Ord. 12-13-12, passed 12-3-12)