General Provisions
   90.01   Short title
   90.02   Definitions
   90.03   Declaration of nuisance
   90.04   Exemptions
   90.05   Responsibility and liability of owner of abandoned vehicle or parts
   90.06   Revolving fund
Administrative Procedures
   90.15   Discovery of possession by person other than vehicle owner
   90.16   [Reserved]
   90.17   Inability to determine ownership; failure of owner or lienholder to appear; declaring vehicle abandoned
   90.18   Release to owner or lienholder of stored vehicle
   90.19   [Reserved]
   90.20   [Reserved]
   90.21   Tagging abandoned vehicle or parts
   90.22   Officer’s abandoned vehicle report; photographs
   90.23   Vehicle or parts valued at less than one thousand dollars; disposal; retention by Bureau of report and photographs
   90.24   Vehicle or parts valued at one thousand dollars or more; duties of tagging officer; tow and storage of vehicle or parts
   90.25   Discovery of vehicle abandoned on rental property
   90.26   Towing vehicle from private property
   90.27   Notice to Bureau given by service towing vehicle from private property
   90.28   Complaint by person owning or controlling private property
   90.29   Abandoned vehicle report; description and information; name and address of owner or lienholder
   90.30   [Reserved]
   90.31   Means of vehicle identification not available; disposal without notice
   90.32   [Reserved]
   90.33   Purchasers at public sales; bill of sale; fees; roadworthiness of vehicle
   90.34   Payment of removal, storage and disposition costs; cost limits
   90.35   Sale proceeds credited against removal, storage and disposition costs
   90.36   Sales by local units; deposit of proceeds; payment of public agency costs; appropriations
   90.37   Fiscal body procedures established by ordinance; abandoned vehicle fund
   90.38   Public agencies; personnel, property and towing contracts; fiscal body ordinances
   90.39   Liability for loss or damage to vehicle or vehicle parts