Subd. 1.   The holder of a state caterer’s permit issued under the provisions of M.S. § 340A.404(12), in order to provide catering services in the city, shall register to operate under such caterer’s permit using a form approved by the Police Chief and provided by the City Clerk. An annual liquor caterer’s permit registration fee shall be established by City Council resolution.
      A.   Registration of a liquor caterer’s permit must be approved by the Police Chief and may be denied, or an approved registration may be suspended or revoked by the Police Chief, without refund, for any of the following reasons:
         1.   Any violation of the laws relating to the sale or service of alcoholic beverages;
         2.   Licensee’s refusal to supply books of account and contracts pertaining to an event as set forth in this section;
         3.   Any violation of the terms of this section; and/or
         4.   Any other good cause related to the operation of the business or venue.
   Subd. 2.   Events that are catered in the city in accordance with M.S. § 340A.404(12) shall comply with the following provisions:
      A.   Each catered event must be approved by the Police Chief. A liquor caterer shall apply for event approval to the City Clerk at least five business days prior to the catered event and provide pertinent information about the event using a form provided by the City Clerk.
      B.   The Police Chief may deny approval for any of the following reasons:
         1.   The liquor caterer failed to apply for event approval, as required by this section;
         2.   The operation of the event will unreasonably disturb the peace, quiet or repose of surrounding residential or commercial areas;
         3.   The operation of the event will contribute to crime, disorderly behavior, noise, traffic, litter or parking problems in the area near the event’s location; and/or
         4.   The licensee is in arrears in the payment of any city sales or property taxes, city fees, or city penalties.
      C.   Liquor caterers shall submit to and facilitate any site inspections by police, fire or other regulatory agency.
      D.   Liquor caterers shall maintain adequate security at catered events in the city. The caterer may coordinate this with the host facility.
      E.   If an event is to be held outside, the applicant shall indicate how the alcohol will be confined to a particular area. Exclusive outdoor events must provide portable toilets and comply with all applicable county health regulations related to such toilets.
      F.   No sale of alcohol shall occur after 1:00 a.m.
      G.   All servers of alcohol at a catered event must be at least 18 years of age and employees of the liquor caterer.
      H.   The liquor caterer shall staff the event with at least one employee from the original licensed establishment.
      I.   No single location in the city shall have a single liquor catered event lasting more than three days, unless the event is a civic event or community festival as designated by the Mayor.
      J.   Both state and city permits/licenses must be available for display upon request of any law enforcement officer or investigator.
   Subd. 3.   A liquor caterer shall keep a record of each event that he or she caters in the city. The record shall include the location of the event, the date and time, the event contact name(s) and phone number(s), and shall provide this register to city staff upon request.
   Subd. 4.   The City Council may by resolution establish a list of premises for which a liquor caterer may not provide services at an event without explicit approval of City Council.
   Subd. 5.   Any violation of the provisions set forth in this chapter or M.S. Chapter 340A by a licensee or the licensee’s employees, agent or servants, while operating under a liquor caterer’s permit which occurs on the premises being catered, shall cause the licensee and the licensee’s employees, agent or servants to be subject to civil, criminal or administrative action.
   Subd. 6.   Holders of a liquor caterer’s permit shall comply with all provisions of the statutes, ordinances and rules governing the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.
   Subd. 7.   Registration under this section shall expire on December 31 of each year.
(Ord. 605, passed 11-4-13) Penalty, see § 1.99