Subd. 1.   Obstructions. It is a misdemeanor for any person to place, deposit, display or offer for sale, any fence, goods or other obstructions upon, over, across or under any street or other public property without first having obtained a written permit from the Council, and then only in compliance, in all respects, with the terms and conditions of the permit, and taking precautionary measures for the protection of the public. An electrical cord or device of any kind is hereby included, but not by way of limitation, within the definition of an obstruction.
   Subd. 2.   Fires. It is a misdemeanor for any person to build or maintain a fire upon a roadway.
   Subd. 3.   Dumping in streets. It is a misdemeanor for any person to throw or deposit in any street or other public place any nails, dirt, glass, tin cans, metal scraps, garbage, leaves, grass or tree limbs, shreds or rubbish, oil, grease or other petroleum products or to empty any water containing salt or other injurious chemical thereon. It is a violation of this section to haul any such material, not adequately enclosed or covered, thereby permitting the same to fall upon streets.
   Subd. 4.   Signs and other structures.
      A.   It is a misdemeanor for any person to place or maintain a sign or other structure in the traveled or untraveled portion of any street or other public property without first obtaining a written permit from the Chief of Police. In a district zoned for commercial or industrial enterprises, special permission allowing an applicant to erect and maintain signs overhanging the street may be granted upon the terms and conditions as may be set forth in the zoning or construction provisions of the City Code.
      B.   It is a misdemeanor to place dumpsters for the collection of waste materials incidental to the construction or remodeling of buildings and other improvements within the traveled portion of the street right-of-way unless all of the following conditions are complied with:
         1.   The dumpster shall be placed next to the street curb and cannot extend more than eight feet out from the curb line of the street.
         2.   The dumpster shall not be placed closer than 30 feet from any intersection, alley or provide a visibility barrier for the traveling public.
         3.   Both ends of the dumpster are outlined in reflectorized tape at least two inches wide top and sides of the dumpster facing traffic and the opposite end of the dumpster. Tape should be continuous.
         4.   The dumpsters shall be removed from the street right-of-way within 30 days or at the time as may be required by the written order of the Chief of Police or his or her designated representative.
(Ord. 361, Second Series, passed 3-29-96)
   Subd. 6.   Continuing violation. Each day that any person continues in violation of this section shall be a separate offense and punishable as such.
   Subd. 7.   Condition. Before granting any permit under any of the provisions of this section, the Council may impose insurance or bonding conditions thereon as it, considering the projected danger to public or private property or to persons, deems proper for safeguarding such persons and property. The insurance or bond shall also protect the city from any suit, action or cause of action arising by reason of the obstruction.
(`80 Code, § 7.09) Penalty, see § 1.99