Subd. 1.   License required. It is unlawful for any person to engage in the manufacture, storage or distribution at wholesale or retail of flammable liquids without a license therefor from the city.
   Subd. 2.   Regulations and conditions of licensing.
      A.   No license shall be issued to an applicant, or upon premises, not in compliance with all statutes and the City Code relating thereto.
      B.   No license shall be issued to an applicant who permits the accumulation of refuse, inoperable autos or automobile component parts on his or her premises or who violates other laws not related to the storage or distribution of flammable liquids.
      C.   The licensee shall maintain and operate the licensed premises in conformance with all rules and regulations applicable thereto as promulgated by the Commissioner of Public Safety pursuant to statute.
      D.   All licensed premises where bulk plants for the storage and distribution of flammable liquids are maintained and operated shall be fenced with an industrial fence of a minimum height of six feet; provided that, in cases where it would make extreme inconvenience or hardship for a licensee to fence the property, the Chief of the Fire Department may, by written order, permit the fencing to be done in a manner and in places on the licensed premises as will best meet the situation, and the Chief of the Fire Department shall exercise his or her discretion in cases of hardship and extreme inconvenience to the licensee.
      E.   It is unlawful for a licensee to permit a truck used in connection with his or her business to be parked for more than two hours on a public street or highway adjacent to the licensed premises herein licensed, except in the process of loading or unloading.
      F.   Violation of this subdivision shall be grounds for revocation of a license.
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