All applications shall be made as follows:
   Subd. 1.   All applications shall be made at the office of the City Administrator upon forms that have been furnished by the city for such purposes.
   Subd. 2.   All initial applications shall be accompanied by a payment of a single $10 fee, except where a larger application fee is required for the specific license involved, to cover cost of investigation, as herein provided.
(Ord. 246, Second Series, passed 6-17-91)
   Subd. 3.   All such applications must be subscribed, sworn to, and include, but not be limited to the following:
      A.   Applicant’s name and citizenship;
      B.   Applicant’s present address and length of time he or she has lived at that address;
      C.   Applicant’s occupation and length of time so engaged;
      D.   Applicant’s addresses and occupations for the three years last preceding the date of application;
      E.   Names and addresses of applicant’s employers, if any, for the three years last preceding the date of application;
      F.   Whether or not applicant has ever been convicted of a felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor, including violation of a municipal ordinance, but excluding traffic violations, and if so, the date and place of conviction and the nature of the offense;
      G.   Type of license and location of premises for which application is made;
      H.   At least four character references if applicant has not resided in the city for two years last preceding the date of application; and
      I.   Other information as the Council shall deem necessary considering the nature of the business for which license application is made.
   Subd. 4.   It is unlawful for any applicant to intentionally make a false statement or omission upon any application form. Any false statement in the application, or any willful omission to state any information called for on the application form, shall, upon discovery of the falsehood work an automatic refusal of license, or if already issued, shall render any license or permit issued pursuant thereto, void, and of no effect to protect the applicant from prosecution for violation of this chapter or any part hereof.
   Subd. 5.   The city shall, upon receipt of each application completed in accordance herewith, forthwith investigate the truth of statements made therein and the moral character and business reputation of each applicant for license to the extent as it deems necessary. For the investigation, the city may enlist the aid of the Chief of Police. The Council shall not consider an application before the investigation has been completed.
   Subd. 6.   Applications for renewal licenses may be made in such abbreviated form as the Council may, by resolution, adopt.
(`80 Code, § 6.02)